Why did I decide to be a driving instructor? Well, I have always loved driving. I passed my test a couple of months after my 17th birthday and within weeks, I was driving around London with the knowledge of a taxi driver, and I’ve driven everywhere since – home and

Rally driver

In my early twenties, I took up night rally driving. This was done on public roads, usually in the depths of Wales. Starting at midnight, the cars went off in minute intervals, seeded in order of best first, in total there would be about 200 entrants in three different categories, expert (anyone who had had a top 10 finish), semi-expert (anyone who had finished 11-20) and novice (never having finished in the top 20). I can’t remember how many miles we raced for but I think it was about 2-3 hours in total. I can remember getting a top 20 finish in my first rally and a top 10 finish in my second, putting me into the expert class! However, I can’t take all the credit – as a driver one was very reliant on a good navigator who had to plot the route from the map references and direct the driver at speed round every corner, if the navigator got it wrong, it was too late to change the direction of the car so it was essential to have a good navigator who you could trust. Unfortunately, like every sport, it wasn’t cheap and I knew absolutely nothing about the mechanics of a car so I soon realised that I couldn’t afford both horses and cars, so I stuck to horses (my equine knowledge was far greater than my mechanical knowledge!) However, a few years later I couldn’t resist entering a national competition to find a lady rally driver for Ford. I had always driven a front wheel drive mini, so a rear wheel drive escort was quite a challenge for me, but somehow I won my way through to the final 8.

Horse Boxes

As a result of my horse riding, I have driven horse boxes up to 7.5 tonne and towed trailers. Driving amongst lorry drivers is a different culture, surprisingly enough, they are much more respectful to each other than car drivers are to one another. The extra difficulty of towing trailers is being able to reverse them, so if this is something you need help with, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Advanced Driving

A few years ago I took and passed my Advanced driving and I think this made me more aware of the dangers on the roads and the importance of driving carefully and safely without holding up other road users. My rallying taught me to look ahead, anticipate and plan and these attributes have stood me in good stead and made me the driver I am today. Driving horses has taught me to make sure the vehicle is balanced and a steady ride given, it has also helped with judging distances and being spatially aware. Today, there is so much more traffic on the roads, there are many more sign posts to read and many more speed restrictions to observe. If you are looking for a sympathetic driving instructor who will teach you to drive well and carefully, please get in touch.